Novolac Epoxy Flooring and Coating Green Bay Industrial Epoxy Flooring Green Bay Novolac Epoxy Flooring Green Bay Industrial Flooring Green Bay Epoxy Coating Green Bay

Greenstone Polymer Systems (GPS)

You can stand on our solutions

  • Manufactures Industrial Linings, Flooring, Coatings and Grout
  • State of the Art Epoxy, Novolac Epoxy, Vinylester, Novolac Vinylester Urethane Technology
  • Chemical/Abrasion Resistant, Low Temp Cure, High Temp Tolerant, Fast Cure and Custom Options
  • Protects/Coats Concrete, Steel and Fiberglass Surfaces
  • Systems Available in Trowel, Roll, Brush, Spray, Squeegee, Screed, Pourable, Castable and Injection Applied 
Durable Industrial Epoxy Linings


Durable Industrial Epoxy Flooring


Durable Industrial Epoxy Coatings


Durable Industrial Epoxy Flooring and Coatings and Grout


Technical Support and Product Specifications

Manufactured with Pride in the USA

Novolac Epoxy Coating and Industrial Flooring Green Bay

GPS Specializes

  • Located in the heart of the Midwest, Greenstone Polymer Systems, Inc. manufactures polymer based flooring/lining/grout systems and specialized coatings.
  • Technical Support analyzes each facility/project environment for chemical exposure, abrasion and intended use providing research based product specifications and recommendations.

Environmental and Applicator Friendly

  • USDA acceptable, exceeding all applicable barrier standards.
  • 100% Solids Monolithic Systems
  • Water-borne Systems

GPS Experience

Novolac Epoxy Coating and Industrial Flooring Green Bay

We are committed to accurate system recommendations and “Best in Class” product, service and delivery.

Contact our technical sales service staff or one of our established contractors/distributors for product data, product/consultation, and contractor/distributor opportunities.

Moisture Causes Coatings Failure?!

Posted on October 21st, 2015

MOISTURE CAUSES COATINGS FAILURE?!   The challenge is: Excessive moisture from concrete floor slabs can cause floor coating systems to fail.  Not easily defined, this delamination can be a result of a high water table, below grade pour, inadequate or non-existent vapor barrier.  These failures (as seen below) can include debonding of coatings, variable pH attack, […]