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Greenstone Polymer Systems

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Greenstone Polymer Systems, Inc. engineers and is a manufacturer of heavy industrial chemical resistant epoxy flooring including resin, vinyl ester and urethane based flooring, liners, pourable grout, and coating systems utilized in a broad spectrum of applications.

With over 25 years of “on site” durability experience, each of our Greenstone flooring, lining and coating systems have been rated with full immersion testing for periods of up to 12 months. All of our products undergo intense research and immersion testing, and are well documented in our openly available data sheets.

Located in the Heart of the Midwest within eyesight of Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI, Greenstone Polymer Systems Inc. ships coast to coast a full complement of products with curing times and temperatures that match virtually any climate and chemical environment. We can take the time to custom engineer a product to suit any of your specific application and usage needs. We cater to all locations, providing everything from local pickup to international shipping options.

Contact our technical sales service staff or one of our established contractors/distributors for product data, project estimates, and contractor/distributor opportunities.





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