Dairy Industry Coatings Opportunities

Volume 28-Aug 2014

The CrossLink Update:


“America’s Move to Soy Hobbles Dairy” is the title of a Wall Street Journal article which appeared in the July 19-20, 2014 issue in the Business & Finance section. The article states that the recent consumer purchasing trends toward “healthier” products have had a slowing effect on the traditional dairy industry. For example, Dean Foods Co. spun off its Silk brand plant-based milks and Horizonbrand organic milk into a separate company, The WhiteWave Foods, Inc. WhiteWave Foods, Inc. shares have increased 62% while Dean Foods are down 17%.

So what does this mean to the coatings industry? Since the overall trend in these combined markets is positive, there are opportunities in the soy and organic manufacturing facilities as they continue to expand. It would also make sense to remain focused on the traditional dairy operations as they repurpose areas creating the need for coatings, floorings, linings, etc. Either way, as some manufacturing sectors continue to rebound from the negative trends a couple years ago, there are opportunities to provide these systems both in maintenance and in new construction.

Specialty Product Announcement: GPS 150 TFE Coating System

Greenstone Polymer Systems has developed a 100% solids epoxy based coating system with exceptional release qualities. The system allows non-detergent/low temperature/low pressure removal of residues left by adhesive overspray or concentrated sugar based sweeteners. GPS 150 TFE also provides corrosion protection along with durable wear-resistance. Applied with a roller or brush/horizontally or vertically, GPS 150 TFE meets requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for use as an incidental food contact flooring/coating. (Data Sheets/MSDS available)

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