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Greenstone Product Line Card (PDF)

Greenstone Complete Product List (PDF)

100 Series – Data Sheets

Versatile combination of Epoxies and Urethanes applied as coating or as a finale durable tank lining system.  Specific applications range from:

  • Epoxy – 100% solids, fiber reinforced for additional durability.
  • Urethane – Solvent based, high performance finishing coats

200/Lining Series – Data Sheets

Trowel applied Lining systems which are reinforced Epoxies trowel applied to the interior of tanks, trenches and pits.  These can be applied horizontal, vertical, or overhead and are available in a variety of temperature formulations and chemical resistance ratings.

300 Series – Data Sheets

High Strength/Heavy Build durable systems with superior chemical resistance and sanitary properties.

400 Series – Data Sheets

Urethane cement slurry, Polyurethane liquid resins, and Portland cement combining to produce excellent shock resistance, absorbing thermal stress better than standard polymer topcoats.

500/600 Series – Data Sheets

Multi-layered Vinylester, Novolac Vinylester, Polyester, Chlorendic Polyester squeegee/broadcasted in multiple build coats producing a sealed, ultra-dense surface  impervious to chemical spills and exposure. Can be applied as a coating/liner/flooring.

700 Series – Data Sheets

Water-borne Epoxy and Urethane modified Portland Cement systems for highly specialized applications.

800 Series – Data Sheets

Heavy duty abrasive resistant composites reinforced with ceramics, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide engineered to protect against extreme abrasion wear.

System Versions Include

  • Epoxy, Novolac Epoxy, Vinylester, Novolac Vinylester, Polyester, Chlorendic Polyester, Urethane
  • Chemical Resistant (CR), Abrasion Resistant (AR), Low Temp Cure (LT), High Temp Tolerant (HT), Fast Cure (FC), Release/Non-Stick (TFE)
  • Trowel (Slurry and Mortar), Roll, Brush, Spray, Squeegee, Screed, Pourable, Castable and Injection Applied

Industry Application

  • Manufacturing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Farm/Livestock Operation Facilities
  • Dairy/Cheese Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Transportation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Mineral Processing
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Municipal/Public Works Facilities
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Warehousing/Storage Facilities
  • Petroleum Industry

Chemical Resistance Data