Greenstone Polymer Systems

Solutions you can Stand On
Epoxy Flooring, Linings, Coatings, and Grout Engineered to your specifications.

In-House Manufacturing

Greenstone manufactures industrial Linings, Coatings, Grout, and Epoxy Flooring in Green Bay WI.

State of the Art Systems

State of the Art Novolac Epoxy, Vinylester, Novolac Vinylester and Urethane Technology.

Durable & Lasting

Chemical/Abrasion Resistant, Low Temperature Cure, High Temperature Tolerant, Fast Cure and Custom Options. Protects/Coats Concrete, Steel and Fiberglass Surfaces.

Versatile Applications

Systems Available in Trowel, Roll, Brush, Spray, Squeegee, Screed, Pourable, Castable and Injection Applied.





Technical Support & Product Specifications

Technical Support analyzes each facility and project environment for chemical exposure, abrasion and intended use providing research based product specifications and recommendations.

Environmental and Applicator Friendly

USDA acceptable, exceeding all applicable barrier standards. 100% Solids Monolithic Systems and Waterborne Materials.