Extreme Abrasion Resistant Concrete/Coatings

The CrossLink Update:

In a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee/Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanics article entitled ABRASION RESISTANCE OF HIGH-STRENGTH CONCRETE MADE WITH CLASS-C FLY ASH, Tarun Naik Ph.D., P.E. et al concluded that abrasion resistance of concrete was strongly affected by its compressive strength.  The study  further concluded that compressive strength is decreased with increasing air content.  Finally, most importantly, the article stated that “…ABRASION RESISTANCE IS MARKEDLY INFLUENCED BY…AGGREGATE PROPERTIES…AND COATINGS.


Specialty Product Review: 330 Mortar/330 AR Mortar/830 AR Mortar

Greenstone Polymer Systems manufactures three 100% solids epoxy based 1/4″ trowel applied heavy ABRASION RESISTANT (AR) industrial flooring systems.  These extremely dense systems are virtually impermeable when compared to typically porous concrete.  In addition, these Mortars feature compressive strengths between 12,000-17,000 psi when compared to concrete at 3,000-6,000 psi.  Finally, the progressively increasing amounts of  Aluminum Oxide (MOHS 9.2), and Silicon Carbide (MOHS 9.3) added to these systems maximizes the abrasive resistance of the fillers when compared with concrete/sand alone.  These systems are designed to withstand extreme abrasion from heavy loads, solid core & steel wheels, and repetitive traffic.

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